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Thank you for your interest in Outlook Business Solutions. Due to resourcing constraints we have made the difficult decision to forego additional client work at this time. We sincerely appreciate the customers we’ve been able to help and for their commitment to inclusivity. We hope to be of service again in the near future. If you are interested in learning more about Outlook Business Solutions sister companies and how they serve individuals who are blind, please contact info@outlooken.org for more information.

Digital accessibility support for developers

You are a web developer because you enjoy the digital world. The idea of creating a digital space and putting all of the pieces together to make it work fascinates you. You take on any challenge your clients give you because you want users to enjoy the digital space you create. 

But have you ever thought about how a person with a disability would use your works of art? Could they get the full experience of everything you create? 

Accessibility does not have to be a scary word. Outlook Business Solutions can teach you what users with disabilities need to access a website. 

Some things to consider 

  • When encountering a website or app that is not accessible, more than 70% of people with disabilities will move on to a business that is accessible. 
  • Software created to crawl code for accessibility errors catches only about 30% of accessibility issues. 
  • Recent complaints regarding website accessibility have included the ineffectiveness of accessibility overlays or plugins, which can also compromise site security, according to Converge Accessibility. 

What can I do about it? 

If a website is accessible, a user can access content and features in multiple ways. This means that users who have vision loss, hearing loss, or a cognitive disability get the same experience from a website as non-disabled users. 

Accessibility also includes anyone experiencing a situational, permanent or temporary disability. For example, a person with one arm has a permanent disability, while an injury preventing the use of one arm is temporary. Holding a baby in one arm is situational. Each of these situations only leave one hand to complete online tasks. 

Some basic accessibility development tips 

  • Use alt text on all images and graphics so that a screen reader can recognize them. 
  • Make sure all videos have subtitles and transcripts for individuals with hearing loss. 
  • Avoid vague links – label each link for what it is so assistive technology users understand them. 
  • Be smart with colors so colorblind users can access all of the information. 
  • Give clickable items a wide range so people with mobility issues can easily click within the general area. 
  • Be mindful of web features like motion that can cause migraines or epileptic seizures. 

So, now what? 

Outlook Business Solutions can provide digital accessibility support through our Ally Support Program. You can add accessibility expertise to your team without adding full-time staff. Learn how to spot and remove any accessibility issues and validate your changes with on-demand spot testing during development. Your monthly subscription includes: 

  • 2-hour introductory digital accessibility workshop for your team, including live demonstration of how adaptive technology works. $200 value per team member 
  • Help desk to answer questions about accessibility best practices 
  • Initial assessment of home and contact pages of existing sites as part of your pitch to prospects 
  • Spot testing during development 
  • Usability reviews of site navigation and page content 
  • Full audits to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 Level AA 
  • Testing across multiple devices, operating systems and browsers, as you specify 
  • Preferred prioritization over nonsubscribers using our testing services 

Learn more about our subscription program here, or contact us to learn more.