Common customer service mistakes businesses should avoid

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Common customer service mistakes businesses should avoid

Everyone has a favorite store or restaurant they enjoy. That store could be your to go choice because it carries your favorite snacks. You might enjoy dining at your favorite restaurants because they make the best pasta.

Now, what if your favorite locations suddenly gave you bad customer service. Would you return? According to New Voice Media, only after one negative experience, 51 percent of customers will never do business with that company again. Giving your customers lousy customer service is something you can’t risk. 

Why is customer service so important for business?

Customer service is the service you give your customers through their whole purchasing cycle. It can be before, during and after purchasing your product or service. Customer service goes beyond when your customer is making a purchase. It includes if there is a problem and how well you react. 

Not only will having quality customer service keep your customers coming back, but it can also bring you these benefits: 

  • Make people recommend your business 
  • Give your brand a good reputation 
  • Make people want to purchase more
  • Create customer loyalty 

Common customer service mistakes businesses should avoid

Treating your customers with respect and dignity creates a loyal bond that could last a lifetime. Failure to provide quality customer service may result in damages to your business or your brand. Here are some common customer service mistakes businesses that call center service professionals think should avoid at all cost. 

Failing to listen 

One common mistake that  businesses fail to do is not listen to their customers. Nobody knows the customer better than the customer. This is why companies should be listening to the feedback they are getting  through reviews, surveys and social media. 

When businesses don’t listen to customers, they miss their chance to improve their company. Start by reading your reviews on Google, social media and your website.  Then, create a strategy that will help tackle these problems. 

Don’t over-automate 

When you call a business to get assistance whether it’s paying a bill, trouble-shooting or asking a question, the last thing you want is a machine answering. Too much audimation ruins quality  customer service. This includes emails and social media. 

Some people would rather speak to a human being. For this reason, call center service professionals trained to answer calls or even answer social media posts can make the difference. Finding a balance between machines and humans improves your customer service. 

Not asking for feedback 

Any feedback, whether it be positive or negative, can help your business. Businesses who don’t ask customers for feedback miss opportunities to improve and grow. Get this important feedback from customer surveys or reviews on your website or social media. 

Looking for these mistakes in your company is the first step to improving your customer service. If you need any assistance, contact Outlook Business Solutions. Our call center professionals can conduct your surveys, answer your social media messages and provide other customer care services. 

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