Create An Effective SEO Strategy With These Tips

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Create An Effective SEO Strategy With These Tips

Creating SEO enriched content for your website helps you increase your rankings on Google and other search engines. Developing an effective SEO strategy helps draw organic traffic to your website.

An SEO strategy organizes your content pieces into a variety of topics related to your products or services. Creating pieces pertaining to your chosen topics can increase the likelihood of your content appearing at the top of a search engine results page. 

Use the following tips to create an effective SEO strategy.

Compile a list of topics.

Researching  keywords helps to draw traffic to your website. However, creating a list of topics you’d like your content to address organically increases brand awareness.

Compile a list of words and phrases relating to your brand and divide them into subtopics. Use these subtopics to create listicles, articles and relevant web content. 

A listicle contains a list of topics related to the piece’s main concept. Each topic is followed by a short paragraph explaining the subject matter (e.g., how-to articles with step-by-step instructions). These articles help users navigate your site more efficiently and the bulleted or numbered list appears and can be featured on a featured snippet on a Google results page.

Create short tail and long tail keywords to optimize your content.

Use a tool, such as Google Trends, to find the most popular keywords related to the topics on your list. Short tail keywords are terms with one or two words used in a search query.

Help your audience narrow their search queries and find specific information by implementing long tail keywords into your SEO strategy. Long tail keywords are search terms in the form of questions or short phrases, which allows users to search by voice.

Create internal links to previously published content on your website.

Adding relevant internal links to your content helps visitors navigate your site to find the information they’re looking for. These links give search engines a better understanding of what a given page is about. Internal links also help web crawlers understand how one web page relates to another.

Add alt text to your images.

As a short description of an image, alt text makes visual content accessible for the visually impaired. Alt text also helps search engines determine how your images relate to the most popular search keywords.

Alt text can also help increase rankings in Google Images to draw traffic to your website. Although image captions do not directly impact your SEO enriched content, they improve the overall user experience. 

Optimize your content for Google’s featured snippet from the web.

Google’s featured snippets, also called the answer box, is a short block of text followed by a link appearing at the top of a search page when a user asks a question. Not all search results pages will have a featured snippet.

To create a concise answer to a question, evaluate the latest keyword search trends to find the most popular questions asked by members of your target audience. 

Outlook Business Solutions can help you develop an effective SEO strategy for your business. Contact us to learn more.