Does it make sense to outsource marketing?

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Does it make sense to outsource marketing?

You’ve grown your business from a small idea into a thriving entity. You’ve been a jack of all trades for some time, but you now feel stretched in too many directions. Maybe you’ve hired someone to help with production or service, but is your marketing getting all the attention it needs to grow your business? Do you have the time to keep up with all of the trends and technology? Our world is changing quickly, and we need to stay abreast of new ways to market our products and services.

Maybe it’s time to consider outsourcing all or part of your marketing. As a small business owner, you may find that it makes more sense to outsource marketing instead of hiring someone. Here are five reasons to outsource all or part of your marketing function.

  1. It gives you time to focus on other business responsibilities. If you’re always running behind on your marketing activities, then hiring someone to help you will take the stress and pressure off of you. Marketing is an important part of your business success. It shouldn’t always be the last thing on your mind. We all know that time is finite, and your time could be better spent leading your business instead of focusing on day-to-day activities. 

Outsourcing marketing can also save you time instead of hiring employees. You would have to train and manage those new employees. Directing an agency that understands marketing, technology and strategy will take less time and give you the peace of mind to know that someone else understands the direction for your company.

  1. By outsourcing your marketing strategy you will get fresh ideas and a new set of eyes on your marketing plan. As the old saying goes “two minds are better than one.” A new person or team will bring with them all of their experiences in the work world. You’ll benefit from their creativity and intelligence. You will learn new marketing skills, expert insights and industry information.

A marketing agency or individual can help you analyze the market and understand your customers in more detail. They can help you develop SMART business goals. They can open your eyes to new ideas and strategies.

  1. Save money and gain financial flexibility by outsourcing marketing. Next to time, money is also an important asset. By outsourcing your marketing, you will gain economies of scale. You will no longer have to buy all of the software, tools, platforms or licenses to market your products or services. Agencies often buy premium services that your company will now have access to at a fraction of the cost.

We all know that it takes money to hire and train an employee. It may even require us to hire a human resource specialist. When you outsource marketing, you don’t have to deal with this red tape. The agency is also motivated because they know if they don’t produce results for your business, then you won’t keep them around. These are all great money-saving reasons to outsource, but it also allows you to move a fixed cost to a variable cost. This gives you additional flexibility to readjust during business cycles. 

  1. You will also expand your professional network. An agency will open doors to a wide range of contacts both within and outside the organization. Marketers are often great connectors and whether they bring those contacts together or share their information with you, you will gain new contacts, potential customers and possible industry recognition.

Agencies may present your marketing materials for awards. Marketing awards are good for both the agency you hire as well as your business. Think of this as free advertising.

  1. In addition to more time, fresh ideas and new contacts, you will gain access to tools and technologies that you might not be able to afford for your business. These tools may improve your website, workflow and automation. Your partner will also be able to introduce you to new tools to help grow your business faster. You will broaden your marketing scope while saving money.

If you’re ready to outsource your marketing, we’re here to help.  We are experts who have the knowledge and support with dependable execution to grow your business. Contact Outlook Business Solutions to find out more about all of our marketing services and how we can help grow your business.