Five benefits of using project management tools for your business

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Five benefits of using project management tools for your business

Many business owners find it difficult to manage their teams, delegate tasks and boost collaboration in the workplace. Use project management software and tools to take the guess work out of project and team management. Popular project management tools include: Demand Metric, Teamwork, Quip and Microsoft Planner. Here are five ways project management tools can save you time and money, and help you execute your projects with speed and efficiency.

Project management tools simplify the process of planning and executing in-house and client-based projects. Project management software helps you schedule project tasks and assign completion dates.

Project management software gives you instant access to files and folders. Establishing a place for employees to upload their documents helps you monitor project progress and ensure tasks are completed on time. Platforms like Google Docs or Microsoft Teams eliminate duplicate documents sitting in your inbox.

Project management tools give you instant access to your files from any location. This is helpful when employees collaborate on a project. For example, team members can see each other’s work, provide feedback and make changes, before submitting the finished product.

Project management software allows you to get progress updates in real-time. With instant access to documentation, you can see when team members upload completed documents, charts and other materials, submit timesheets or invoices and complete assigned tasks. The management system allows project managers, team members and collaborators to update task information and notify you of these changes through the internal messaging system.

Project management software boosts collaboration in the workplace. These tools allow you to schedule team meetings to facilitate collaborative projects. Team members can work in smaller groups to complete project tasks. Online collaboration tools help team members hold each other accountable. Project managers can ensure deadlines are being met by checking in with their teams and monitoring their progress.

Project management software provides a more effective means of communication among employees, clients and the business owner. Instead of sorting through the mosh pit of emails, online collaboration tools sort team messages into conversation threads. You can send instant messages to clients or customers to update them on the status of their projects.

Project management software provides customer satisfaction. When you can walk away from a project completed within the allotted budget and timeline, your clients will turn to you when they need to hire a company to meet the needs of the business owner. Satisfied clients will continue outsourcing their time sensitive projects to you.

If you’re looking for a project management tool, but don’t know where to turn, Outlook Business Solutions can help. Contact us to learn more.