Four Tips For Promoting Creative Thinking In The Workplace

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Four Tips For Promoting Creative Thinking In The Workplace

Consider these two questions when promoting creativity in your small business or organization.

  1. How should offices be set up to inspire creative thinking?

  2. How can employers promote creative thinking in a virtual environment?

Use the following four tips and suggestions to help you promote and encourage workplace productivity and creativity in an in-person or virtual working environment.

Cultivate an open office environment.

This environment helps people from different departments collaborate to share ideas. Provide private workspaces for employees who find an open office space distracting. You can also allow employees to work on the creative aspects of projects from home while using creative tools to find inspiration for their assigned projects.

Make your office a stress-free working environment.

Encourage your employees to add some personal touches to their offices or desks. Place a whiteboard in a room where team members can collaborate on creative designs for their projects. For employees who work from home, promote the use of online whiteboards to use during virtual meetings.

Allow flexibility in your organization.

Since most people use laptops for work, you can make your employees feel more comfortable by allowing them to move to various locations in the office. Provide standing desks in separate offices for employees who prefer to work alone. Add couches or tables in an open workspace for collaborative teams to meet and work on a project together.

While some employees prefer to meet and share ideas in the office, there are others who can work remotely from anywhere. Many people find inspiration while driving down a quiet road, walking in a park, or working in a library or cafe. Use videoconferencing platforms to schedule virtual collaborative meetings.

As more and more people work from home, creativity and workplace productivity can be easily promoted by allowing employees to work flexible hours to create a more productive and balanced lifestyle. While working from home, employees can listen to music, take walks and create their own inspirational effects to get the creative juices flowing.

Providing a virtual environment gives introverts the freedom to express themselves through email, online messaging platforms and other meeting tools. On the other hand, extroverts may find working with a large number of people to be distracting. Giving them the freedom to work remotely gives them a virtual workspace free from distractions, which increases productivity. 

Schedule small breaks during the workday.

Turn your break room into a place where employees can relax and have a little fun. These small breaks can take employees’ minds off their work and give them the freedom to find inspiration while interacting with other team members. Creating virtual meeting places where employees can take breaks can also stimulate creativity and provide inspiration.

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