How negative customer feedback can be good for your business

How negative customer feedback can be good for your business

Businesses often avoid negative feedback they receive because there is enough positive feedback to outweigh the bad. But, that negative feedback is an opportunity to grow in the future. When a customer is unhappy, there’s a 91 percent chance they won’t do business with a company again.

However, this doesn’t mean another customer will shy away from your products or services because of negative reviews. This is how to gracefully use negative reviews to your advantage.

Negative help boost the positive reviews

A negative review can help boost those positive reviews. How is this possible? The negative review can be speaking about a specific product or service. For example, if someone leaves a negative review about paper towel products, but every other review is positive, this can show the customer that this was just a one-time problem. This negative review almost reinforces the positive reviews.

It enhances your customer service

Maybe your business or company has been slacking on responding back to negative reviews. While this can happen, it’s imperative to find a customer service team that can consistently call back and respond to those negative reviews.

Engage with customers

This is a critical point for all businesses and companies to recognize and understand. When a company engages with an unhappy customer, it shows the company cares about this customer just as much as their happy customers. A business owner, manager, sales representative or customer service representative can contact this unhappy customer and fix the dilemma before it gets out of hand.

This one unhappy customer might change their mind and give your product or service another chance if they feel the situation was resolved in the best manner possible. Call, comment back and answer those emails. This is a moment to improve for the future.

Learn from mistakes

Did a new product, service, manager or other internal problems occur that correlated with negative reviews? Take this as a moment to learn from those mistakes. What could be done better in the future? Could a customer care representatives follow up sooner? This is an opportunity to evaluate the current processes in place and find better solutions for the future.

A negative review isn’t always a bad moment for a business or company. It’s imperative to follow up with negative reviews and understand why this customer left this review. Doing so will help your business evolve a number of different processes currently in place.

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