How To Curate Content For Social Media

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How To Curate Content For Social Media

Every piece of content you create for your social media platforms doesn’t have to be created from scratch. Creating content is the process of creating your own blog posts, videos, social media posts, newsletters, etc., from within your organization. Content curation is the process of finding blogs and social media posts relevant to your brand that you can share with your audience. Research shows that on average, companies curate 60 percent of their social media content, while 40 percent of their content is created from scratch. Use these tips to curate relevant social media content, and find the ratio that works for your brand strategy Omaha.

Use curated content to fill gaps in your content calendar.

Posting content to your social media platforms is important for maintaining audience engagement and building a network of experts in your industry. A large portion of your content is created within your organization. However, finding and sharing social media posts, videos, and blogs relevant to your brand is a cost-effective way to develop and maintain a consistent posting schedule.

Provide valuable content to your audience.

Your audience visits your website and follows you on social media because they trust you to provide the information they’re looking for. They want to learn how your brand-specific content can change their lives in a positive way. You don’t have to be the sole expert for your brand. Curating content is a way to give your audience valuable information from multiple perspectives. The content you share from outside sources provides the information your followers need to solve their pain points.

Establish yourself as a leader in your industry.

Curating content doesn’t mean you have to share every relevant piece of content you find on social media and other brand-related blogs and websites. Finding the best and highest quality content from a wide variety of blogs and social media platforms establishes your brand as a thought leader in your industry. Adding your own unique perspectives to the content you share tells your audience you have a firm understanding of your industry. The value you provide to your audience helps you build a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy brand. 

Use the content you curate as a way to connect with experts in your field.

When you find valuable content to share with your audience, send a message to the original creator. Let them know you’ve shared their post. Tell them how their content has shaped the way you do business with your customers. Thank them for their valuable content and tell them you will continue to follow their social media channels for future updates. Responding to the curated content with a thought-provoking comment or message helps to organically build relationships with industry experts.

Tag the original source when you share curated social media content.

Sharing curated content is more than retweeting a tweet or liking and sharing a post on Facebook or another social channel. Share social media posts along with a sentence or two to provide your thoughts on the original post. When you leave your comment, be sure to tag or mention the social media accounts of the original source. When sharing content on your website or social channels, provide a short snippet from the curated piece along with a direct link to the original post.

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