How To Get And Keep Your Customers’ Attention

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How To Get And Keep Your Customers’ Attention

The average consumer in 2021 was subjected to over 10,000 ads per day! It’s easy to understand why your customer has such a short attention span. You may wonder if it’s even worth advertising these days, but if you have the right advertisement in the right place, it can definitely pay off for you.

Here are nine things to remember when developing your marketing and advertising strategy. These tips should help you breakthrough all the clutter.

  1. Be authentic to your brand.

The number one thing you must do is be true to your brand. Your customer is looking for authenticity. You should be transparent and build trust with your client. You should also be aware of how your customer wants to communicate with you. Coming up with and sticking to a brand strategy Omaha will help keep your brand authentic.

  1. Be relevant to your customer.

Your content must be relevant and speak to your customer’s wants and needs. Tap into an emotional connection with your client. Does your product save them time so they’re able to spend more time with family and friends? If so, tap into that happy emotion and how your product or service helps them get what they want.

  1. Know how your CUSTOMER finds you.

This is all about how they discover you. It’s important to remember that many people use their cell phones to look up information. You should make sure that your website is optimized for mobile devices. You need to be present and searchable on platforms and products that your customer uses on a daily basis.

  1. Create memorable content.

Your advertising needs to do more than just sell. It needs to tell a story and connect with your customers so they’ll remember your brand when it comes time to purchase. It is important to remember that your content may not be the same for all your customer segments. You should evaluate your content to see what works – which messages stand out on which platforms. 

  1. Consistency is important.

Align your message across all platforms. This will reinforce your brand strategy Omaha and your message. Use language and set a tone that represents your brand. A large number of your customers may use different devices and channels when researching for your product or service. Your message must be consistent to engage your customer.

  1. Make your message simple, creative and impactful.

Your message should be straightforward and simple. Your customer needs to know that it is your product or service. How many times have you watched a creative ad, but had no idea who or what was being advertised? If they don’t know it’s your brand, then you’re spending advertising dollars on nothing. Use strong and clear language with a call-to-action encouraging your customer from engagement to purchase. 

Using strong visuals can make your ad meaningful. Using great photos or videos can capture your customer’s attention. It might also make them more likely to share your content which can lead to additional customers.

  1. Find influencers.

Influencer marketing is a type of social media marketing that involves endorsements and product placements from influencers. The key is to find the right influencer that can promote your product or service in a new way or to a new audience. When influencer marketing is done right it feels organic. Many millennials trust an endorsement from their favorite celebrity rather than traditional advertising and marketing. 

  1. Engage the senses.

We don’t always think of it, but engaging a consumer’s senses through touch, smell, sound and sight will help them remember your brand. It is especially important in high traffic areas where it can be harder to garner a consumer’s attention. You can do this through touch pad computer screens where consumers can move objects around and get an understanding of your product or service. An enjoyable experience will help them remember your company name and product or service.

  1. Remember out-of-the-box locations.

We all tend to remember online advertising, our website, print and radio, but there are some out-of-the-box locations that might represent your product or service well. Consumers are more captive when they’re sitting on a bus or in a taxi. Have you ever read the advertising in a bathroom stall? These aren’t the most exotic locations, but your potential customer is stuck there for a set period of time and they might just find a reason to engage with your brand.

We all want to make a lasting impression on our current and potential customers. If you’d like help creating meaningful content to break through the clutter, we’re here for you. Outlook Business Solutions offers an array of brand strategy Omaha, marketing and sales services from strategy planning to copywriting and public relations. We’re here to help you grow your business and inspire your customers.