How to improve your social media presence

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How to improve your social media presence

Let’s face it – we all know social media isn’t going away, but if you haven’t found the time to build your business presence or even think about which networks you should be on. It isn’t too late; all businesses benefit from a social media presence. Digital marketing Omaha NE professionals suggest that the benefits will definitely pay off with new customers and more sales.

A social media presence allows you to communicate with customers. It can drive traffic to your website, help you reach new prospects and establish you as an expert in your field.

Platform Consideration

Social media exploded with the inception of Facebook. It’s hard to keep up with all the different social media platforms. Most digital marketing Omaha NE experts will tell you to join three to four of the most popular sites taking into consideration where your customers are and your goals.

Facebook is the largest platform with over 2 billion active users every month, and it is ideal if you want to build relationships and find new business. LinkedIn is a business networking site and good for establishing trust and building authority with the B2B market. Twitter is known for its timeliness, making it good for breaking news and trending topics. It also skews a younger crowd than Facebook and LinkedIn. Pinterest is the perfect site if you sell something that is visually appealing. People often use Pinterest to plan purchases, making this site perfect to drive sales. YouTube is a good site for posting how-to videos if you have a product or service needing more explanation. These are just a few of the sites to consider, but you should look at the full array of platforms to determine which sites are best for your company.

Setting Goals and Building Strategy

It is important to know what you are trying to accomplish on social media. Are you trying to generate leads, gain consumer feedback or drive traffic to your website? How you reach the right audience and your messaging will be different for each goal.

The goal is only the start, now you need to develop a strategy. Determine who is responsible for your company’s social media and let them know what is expected and when. Decide how often you will post and put together a content calendar.

Content is King

Your audience is critical to your social media success. Capitalize on your field of expertise and share valuable information online. Customers will find your content when searching for information on the topic. Your content should be relevant to what you do. You wouldn’t want to find fashion advice from an automotive repair shop. Content must be high quality and relevant, prioritizing video, and images. 

Although content is king, you can’t just post your content and forget about it. Social media is about connections and the only way to grow those connections is to interact. You can do this by commenting on posts, sharing relevant information, posting questions and starting conversations.

Tools to Help You

You’re probably thinking you will never find the time to keep up with all this social media, but there are plenty of automation tools to schedule posts and publish them. These tools include Hootsuite, BuzzSumo, Sprout Social and many more. These tools can save you time by allowing you to plan and schedule batches of posts at one time. They also make it easier to monitor your networks and answer questions.

Once you have your social media up and running, you need to determine if your strategy is working. Facebook Insights is a powerful tool that can help you review actions on your page, page views, page likes, post reach and much more. Use it to determine the best content to post to interact with your audience. Google Analytics is also a good tool to see how people are getting to your website and how they’re interacting with it.

If you’d like help developing and managing your social media presence, let our digital marketing Omaha NE  experts help. At Outlook Business Solutions, our professionals can help develop goals, strategies and content for your social media presence. Contact us to learn more about our marketing services.