Inclusion, Revenue, and Remote Employment

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Inclusion, Revenue, and Remote Employment

Before 2020, remote employment opportunities were difficult to come by. And those that existed, were typically contract positions. For disabled workers, remote opportunities often open up a lot of doors.

Optimizing employment opportunities gives disabled people a chance to find gainful employment, but it also increases the bottom line for employers as well.

According to the Disability Equality Index, companies ranking high for disability inclusion found:

  • 28 percent higher revenue

  • Double net income

  • 30 percent higher economic profit margins

Disabled people want to work and gain financial security. Businesses need to maintain profit margins. It’s a win-win.

61 million American adults–one in every four adults–live with a disability. Businesses face an employment landscape that is struggling to fill open positions. These factors give businesses multiple opportunities to find talent in this largely untapped labor pool (only 12.6 percent of people with disabilities are employed).

Research reveals that hiring disabled people leads to:

  • Increased innovation

  • Improved productivity

  • Better work environment

  • Enhanced financial performance

The world is well aware of the viability of remote employment. For many disabled people, remote jobs for blind people provide a reasonable solution to finding work.

While the ADA requires employers to provide reasonable accommodations, this doesn’t always ensure individual needs are met for specific spaces.

What used to create an obstacle to employment for disabled people, now remote opportunities often provide an even playing field. It allows disabled workers to conduct business, but in an environment that meets specific needs such as:

  • Access to transportation

  • Working with a caregiver

  • Inaccessible spaces

  • Requiring frequent breaks

Disabled people often have specific needs, but this doesn’t equate to them being incapable of doing great work.

Disabled people are resilient, forced to innovate and problem-solve. The reality is that the world is not created for disabled people, and in order to live and thrive, they have to be creative thinkers. This mindset is an asset for any employer.

There are three reasons why hiring disabled people benefits a company:

  1. Investing in diversity leads to financial gains.

  2. This untapped labor pool is a valuable resource.

  3. Disabled people are loyal workers.

When the world went virtual in 2020, it opened several opportunities that previously were closed or challenging for disabled people. Everything from virtual work to entertainment became the norm.

This new normal allowed many disabled people to participate in facets of life. But it has been pointed out that disabled people have asked for remote opportunities for decades with little success. It took non-disabled people suddenly needing a remote world for these opportunities to be considered.

Now, disabled people worry these doors will close again when non-disabled peers no longer require them.

We now know how adaptable society is. 2020 was a rough year, and the world is still not out of the woods. But innovation and creation have been ever-present and proved the adaptability of people and industry. Today, there are more jobs for blind people than ever before!

With all the benefits of remote employment and a disabled workforce, it’s crucial to diversity and inclusion efforts to maintain and boost these jobs for blind people.

Expanding inclusive practices and adapting to diverse needs benefits a company. Outlook Business Solutions can help you maximize remote work opportunities for productivity and employee well-being. Whether you need crafted messages that will reach your employees, or a plan to optimize efficiency with a mix of hybrid, remote, and in-person work, we will create a plan that makes your business succeed. Contact us to set up a complimentary consultation.