Meet Peter Altschul

Thank you for your interest in Outlook Business Solutions. Due to resourcing constraints we have made the difficult decision to forego additional client work at this time. We sincerely appreciate the customers we’ve been able to help and for their commitment to inclusivity. We hope to be of service again in the near future. If you are interested in learning more about Outlook Business Solutions sister companies and how they serve individuals who are blind, please contact for more information.
Meet Peter Altschul

For some unknown reason, Peter Altschul was born totally blind. He was the only blind student attending his local high school, where he played percussion in the marching band and other music groups, failed as a wrestler, and studied while pretending to goof off. In college, he played percussion in the marching band and other music groups and drank beer while studying music and psychology.

Since graduating from college, Peter has traveled a unique journey: customer service rep at the most hated federal government agency, musician, trainer of New York City taxi drivers, parent of three step-kids, grants manager, mediator between pro-life and pro-choice activists, and workplace diversity specialist — all done with the assistance and companionship of six wonderfully quirky guide dogs. He has published two books: a compilation of short essays titled Breaking It Down and Connecting the Dots: Creating Common Ground Where Contention Rules (2017), and the memoir Breaking Barriers, Working and Loving While Blind (2012).

Peter lives with his guide dog, Heath, in Columbia, Missouri, where they market Peter's books, tutor student-athletes attending the University of Missouri, play drums in their church's praise band, and sing in four choirs. Peter blogs regularly about connections between the workplace, politics, music, diversity, family life, sports, religion, and dogs while Heath snores on the couch.

Peter is extremely excited to join the Outlook Business Solutions team as he continues to support individuals and groups to get better at what they do by connecting them with people who have different experiences and values so they can better achieve a common goal.