Should I Hire a Marketing Agency or Marketing Manager?

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Should I Hire a Marketing Agency or Marketing Manager?

Your business is your baby. You’ve grown and nurtured it, but now you don’t have time to do all of the marketing to keep your business moving forward. You’re throwing around the idea of hiring a marketing manager, but then someone suggested that you might want to consider whether or not to hire a marketing agency. There is no right or wrong answer to which is better. We’ll look at the pros and cons of each option.

Let’s explore hiring an in-house marketing team. You’ll likely start with just hiring a marketing manager and as your business grows, you will hire additional staff to promote your business. This can be an expensive option, but in the long term, it may be beneficial for your company.

PROS of hiring an in-house marketing team

  1. They will be dedicated to your business, so they will have a deeper understanding of your business. 

  2. Their focus will only be on your brand and helping your business grow.

  3. They are available 40 hours per week.

  4. They are part of your company culture.

  5. They have access to materials and information immediately because they work in your company.

  6. Collaboration with other functional teams will be easier.

CONS of hiring an in-house marketing manager

  1. It can be expensive.

  2. Sometimes lack access to all of the best marketing software and tools.

  3. They will be a generalist instead of a specialist in many areas of marketing unless you hire a big team, and then the cost will be even greater.

  4. A marketing manager may become stagnate and lack new ideas because they have no one to brainstorm with.

  5. An in-house marketing manager probably has less time to focus on improving their skills and learning new ones.

  6. The time and energy to recruit the right person for your team.

Now let’s look at whether or not to hire a marketing agency and the pros and cons.

PROS of hiring a marketing agency

  1. You will have a wide array of talent in many different marketing specialties at your service.

  2. They will have industry knowledge.

  3. You won’t need to spend time recruiting, hiring and training a new employee.

  4. They will expand your professional network.

  5. You will have access to tools and technologies that you might not be able to afford for your business.

  6. There will be a team of experts to help develop your marketing strategy.

CONS of hiring a marketing agency

  1. They are a shared resource.

  2. You don’t see them every day.

  3. It may take them more time to learn your business.

  4. You’ll have less control over the details of your campaigns.

The costs of hiring an agency are often better for a small business. If you decide to hire a marketing agency, it is important for you to do your research. It’s better to be a big fish in a small pond than a small fish in a big pond. If you’re a bigger client, you will get more time and attention from the agency. 

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There is no right or wrong answer when deciding what is best for your company. You should take inventory of your needs and expectations. What results do you expect or want from each option? By looking at your options and accessing your needs, you will determine how to best market your product or service.

We know that you have a lot on your plate and you’re ready to grow your marketing. We’d love to help you. Outlook Business Solutions provides marketing, strategy and customer care services to businesses. Our mission is to create an inclusive and integrated environment populated with talented professionals with consideration and accommodations for those who are blind or low vision. About half of our team members live with vision loss. Our professionals can help develop goals, strategies and content for your marketing needs. Contact us to learn more about our marketing.