Should my business be involved in politics?

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Should my business be involved in politics?

Now that is a loaded question, and the answer depends on many factors. During a presidential election year, Outlook Business Solutions knows that avoiding politics completely can be difficult. Given the current social and economic climate in the U.S., it may be impossible this year. Expert opinions on this subject differ, but there’s no doubt that companies’ involvement in politics has been evolving and more businesses are becoming politically active. Here are some things to consider before becoming involved in politics and social issues.

1. Build By Your Brand

Look at your legacy before making a statement about a social issue. Brands can evolve and change, but you need to own your past even if it is complicated. Otherwise, any commitments come off as tone-deaf or a marketing grab.

2. Be sure to walk the walk.

Political and social messages must be credible. They must come from your brand and from values your business lives by. Avoid using this type of message to elevate your brand while denigrating others. This will destroy the credibility of your brand’s stance.

3. Make sure all causes align.

Political and social stands need to be strong. If the cause you want to speak about aligns with your corporate cause, promote it proudly.

4. Take it seriously.

Outlook Business recommends not just hopping on the bandwagon because you feel like it at the time. Share your message if the social trend aligns with your mission and values. However, crossing the line into adopting a label can open your brand up to scrutiny if you are simply looking to capitalize on it. Make sure you take a stand for the right reasons and that you will continue that stand after the hype subsides.

5. Stay authentic to your identity.

Jumping into a conversation that does not reflect your brand will result in failure. Do not simply enter into a conversation because it is trending . Conversations you do participate in should align with  your brand identity

It is often impossible to avoid politics. If your business jumps into the political fray remember:

  1. Test your messaging. 

  2. Choose a moral or business stand instead of a political party.

  3. Clearly articulate your position to all stakeholders.

Your company should never feel pressured to make a political statement. An off the cuff political comment can have a lasting impact on your business. Reflect on your answers so you do not make a costly mistake. Once it is on the Internet, it’s there forever. .

At Outlook Business Solutions, we know taking a political stand isn’t always straightforward. If you’d like help devising a strategy or testing your messaging, we are here to help. Outlook Business Solutions offers an array of marketing services from social media strategy planning to copywriting and public relations. We’re here to help you grow your business and inspire your customers.