Six tips for starting a podcast

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Six tips for starting a podcast

If you’re looking for new and innovative ways to grow your business, starting a podcast can help you build your brand. Since 2013, podcast listenership has grown by more than 75 percent, due to the accessibility of podcasts. Podcasts can be easily listened to while working out, doing chores, running errands, etc. This means that by producing a podcast along with blogging, filming and social media marketing, you can reach a target audience for each platform as part of your marketing strategy. Use the following six tips to produce a high quality, professional sounding podcast that will help you reach a new audience, connect and engage with your listeners on a personal level, set you apart from your competition and much more. 

Develop a podcast strategy

Before you record your podcast, you first need a strategy to ensure the effectiveness of this communication with your audience. Why do you need a podcast? What topic will your customers want to learn more about? Can you talk about your given topic in a 15, 30 or 60 minute segment? Podcast episodes can include interviews with experts in your field, product/service reviews and tutorials on how to use one of your products.

Create a plan of action

After you develop a strategy and choose a subject matter, you’ll need to sit down and create a podcast plan with some copywriting examples. From outlining each episode, to keeping a journal, notebook, or using the notes app on a smartphone or tablet, the planning process is as flexible as the recording and execution of the podcast episodes themselves. If you blog on a regular basis, you can repurpose the content from your blog as bullet points for each episode. Maintaining a list of topic ideas with bullet points, a production schedule and notes on how you’ll present your subject matter keeps you on track while recording episodes and aligns your plan with your overall marketing objectives.

Choose a thumbnail image

If you want your podcast to be noticed among the thousands of podcasts available to listeners around the world, having a high-quality thumbnail image will attract potential listeners and get your podcast distributed on apps like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify.

Test your microphone for recording quality

If you plan to record and upload podcasts to your selected platform with your computer, investing in a high-quality microphone will save you the trouble of editing background noises from your episodes. Make a test recording with your copywriting examples to check the quality of your audio before you launch your podcast. This will help you choose the right microphone to make your podcast stand out above the crowd. 

Connect and engage with your audience on a personal level

As you discuss your subject matter, you can share personal stories that make the topic more relatable. If you allow listeners to hear your vulnerable side, it helps them engage with you on a deeper level than through the written word alone.

Find a dedicated hosting platform

After planning your podcast and copywriting examples and putting your plan into action, you’ll need a podcast hosting platform with the bandwidth capability to host your audio such as LybSin, Simple Cast, Buzz Sprout, Blubrry or Anchor. Review each platform so you can choose one that fits your goals, style and budget.

Outlook Business Solutions can help you develop messages to connect with your audience through a podcast and other marketing channels. We can help you create an effective marketing strategy to attract and grow customer engagement. Contact us today for a free consultation.