SMART business goals

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SMART business goals

We all know the importance of establishing goals to obtain our objectives. Your business depends on your ability to set goals and then achieve those goals.  We also know this is important for businesses of any size, it can be hard to find the time to put pen to paper and build those goals. One way to make goal setting easier is to make SMART goals. SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Oriented. Our public relations Omaha professionals think it is a simple tool to create goals to help you reach your business objectives.

How to write SMART goals


Good goals should be well-defined and specific. They should answer the questions, “What has to be done?” and “how will we attain the end result?” It should be written clearly so it would get interpreted the same way by everyone. It should also be observable and someone should be able to see or hear someone doing something.


A goal without a measure is like a football game without a scoreboard. How will you know if it meets expectations? Your goal needs to be quantitative so it can be measured against a standard. Think of it in terms of amounts, percentages, or some type of frequency measurement. Be sure everyone knows the target goal so they can always be working towards it.


We’d all love to sell $10 million of goods or services in one month, but is that realistic? Ask yourself if this can be done within the time frame established with the resources available. Check with your trade association or other trusted sources to understand realistic goals for your industry. Then set realistic, yet challenging goals.


Achievable business goals are based on current conditions. This answers the question, “should or can it be done?” You may want to increase sales 100 percent, but if there is a recession, that might not be possible. Keep your goals relevant to the current market conditions.


If you don’t specify a time frame for completion, then there is no urgency to work towards the goal and it won’t be accomplished. Your objective needs an endpoint and checkpoints built into it if necessary. Sometimes a task will have only an endpoint or due date. Sometimes the end point will be a jumping off point for a new task. Other times, a task will have several milestones or checkpoints along the way. These should be used to make sure that the task is on track or make corrections if needed to ensure that the end goal is reached.

Public relations Omaha experts suggest that you use a SMART worksheet as you begin to develop your SMART goals. It will help you focus on each component of your goal.  SMART goal setting will bring structure to your goals and objectives. It will help you eliminate vague ideas and replace them with something that is trackable. Be sure to frame your goals positively. If you focus on not doing something, all you end up doing is bringing attention to it and then people cannot stop thinking about it. 

Although it takes time and can be a difficult process, goal setting is important for your personal and business success. Brainstorm ideas, create SMART goals, design a tracking process and be sure to take small steps along the way to build a strong foundation for your business. 

Now you know why and how you should create SMART goals for your business. If you’d like help developing smart goals, our public relations Omaha professionals are here to help. At Outlook Business Solutions, our professionals can help develop and track SMART goals. Contact us to learn more about our marketing services.