The importance of email marketing for businesses

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The importance of email marketing for businesses

When it comes to building a relationship with your customers, what is your primary source? Is it just social media? Direct mail? If it is, it is time to add email marketing to your marketing strategy! According to a study conducted by HostPapa, 94 percent of internet users use email, while only 61 percent are active on social media platforms.

If you are only using social media in your marketing strategy, you could be losing leads and existing customers. Here is why it is so important for you to know the importance of email marketing  for businesses big and small. 

What is email marketing? 

Email marketing is the promotion of a product or service through email. It is also a form of marketing that builds and maintains a relationship with an existing or future client. Businesses do this by creating an email list and sending out welcome emails and newsletters. 

The importance of email marketing 

Builds and maintains relationships 

An email is a one-to-one form of communication between a business and a customer. By using email marketing, you are directly contacting a customer and getting your brand under their eyes. Typically companies start by sending them a welcome email when they subscribe. From there, they continue to send them emails and inform them of sales or news about the company

People prefer emails

Nowadays, every business has social media to promote and share messages with their target audiences. The problem with business only focusing on social media is not always reaching their audiences. Social media’s algorithms are constantly changing and making the company pay for reach. 

That is why customers prefer a business to email them. Emails are a more direct form of communication. People enjoy the simplicity and convenience of being able to pull up a promotion from their inbox.   

It gives business more ROI

Whether your business is starting or expanding, email marketing is an excellent return for your investment. According to research, email marketing brings in $44 for every $1 spent on it. Every return investment varies between businesses. 

The reason behind more ROI is  that there is more traffic to websites. Your customers get a direct email with a link to your website which  increases the chances of them purchasing your product or service. It also helps increase your brand awareness and builds a  bond between the two.

Reaches your audience 

When you go out, what do you see every person on? Their phones. More and more people live with their mobile devices attached. The best way to reach them is through email! According to research, more emails are open through a mobile device than through a desktop. 

Your audience could be on their couch at home, flipping through social media or at work when they open that email. By adding email marketing, you are doubling or tripling your chances of a consumer seeing that promotional email. 

If your email marketing is not active because of various reasons, outsource to our experts. At Outlook Business Solutions, our professionals can help execute and design your email campaigns for your business. By outsourcing, your marketing team has a chance to focus on other tasks. Contact us to learn more about marketing services.