Tips For Writing A Simple And Effective Job Description

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Tips For Writing A Simple And Effective Job Description

You need to hire some new employees, but first, you need may need help writing a job description this is compelling and will attract the most qualified candidates for your job. Your job descriptions are where you’ll begin marketing your business to potential employees. The key to writing a great job description is providing enough detail so candidates understand the position and your company, but also keeping the job description concise. 

A job description describes the general tasks, duties and responsibilities of a position. Writing a great job description will help you more effectively recruit new employees to your company. It will also set you up with strong evaluation tools. Here are seven tips that will help you when writing a job description. Clear, concise title

Make your title specific instead of generic. This will help potential candidates better understand what the role entails. Job seekers often search for open positions by searching for the job title that they’re interested in. Remember search engine optimization when writing the title. This will be important throughout the whole job description. 

Be honest and transparent about the responsibilities.

Outline the core responsibilities and duties of the position. It is important to spell out how much time will be spent on specific duties. Any travel for the position should be known upfront. Bullet points make it easy to break down the responsibilities for the potential candidate to easily read. It is better to be specific about the responsibilities because you don’t want to write a job description where every person thinks they can do the job. 

Avoid abbreviations and company jargon in your job description. Use descriptive action verbs to bring the position to life. You will help your potential candidates better understand what a typical day will look like for him or her. It is also a good idea to keep your descriptions gender-neutral.

Lay out the skills and qualifications needed for the position.

Be sure to specify the mandatory qualifications, education, experience and skills needed. For each qualification, list any certifications or licenses needed or technical proficiencies required for the position. You should also list any preferred skills that you’d like your ideal candidate to have. 

Include behavioral competencies that are important for the role. For example, if someone needs to be a strong communicator or work well in a team setting. 

Choose keywords.

We mentioned it earlier in choosing your job title, but keywords are going to be particularly important when writing a job description. Gone are the days when you can throw a bunch of keywords in at the end of the job description. Google now has algorithms to ensure employers don’t get credit in online placement for things that aren’t specific to the job. Google’s Keyword Tool can provide you with ideas on what candidates may be searching for. Include those terms in headers and the first sentence or two of a section whenever possible.

Location and work environment

Potential candidates will need to know if this is a full-time or part-time position. If this is an internship, is it paid or unpaid? Where will they be required to work? Can they work from home? Is relocation necessary? You want to be as specific as possible so you’re not targeting people outside of your area.

The work environment is also important to a potential candidate. Is it noisy or quiet? Will they be in an office, cubicle or shared space? Will they have to lift items or operate machinery? This will help the candidate know what to expect and if it is something that they are capable of or want to do.

Include salary and benefit details.

You may want to include a salary range if you don’t have a specific salary. A range will give you the flexibility to hire the right person based on their education and experience. You’ll also want to list the benefits they will have when they start the position. This should include paid vacation/sick days, medical insurance, pensions or 401(k), travel reimbursement, moving expenses and the like. 

Your contact information

Make sure you have your correct contact information. This way a potential candidate can get in touch with you if they have specific questions. You should at least include an email address, but you may also want to include a phone number.

Once you’ve written your job description, read it over to make sure there aren’t any errors. Post your job description where candidates are looking for jobs, like Indeed or Glassdoor. There may be local sites and industry-specific sites that you should also consider.

We know you have a lot on your plate. We have specialists that can help you write an effective and concise job description. Outlook Business Solutions offers an array of marketing and sales services from strategy planning to copywriting and public relations. We’re here to help you grow your business and inspire your customers.