Tips On Generating Content Ideas

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Tips On Generating Content Ideas

Writer’s block is a familiar struggle for all content writers. When ideas flow freely, you can create content in a timely manner. However, new content ideas can elude you and make you doubt your ability to create engaging content. Use these brainstorming tips to generate new content ideas for your business website.

Find out what your audience wants.

You identified your target market when you started your business. Use the same market research tools to stay connected with your audience. Ask your customer care team to give you a monthly summary of customer queries. Create polls and ask questions on your social media channels, set up social listening tools and review comments people leave on your blog posts. Make a list of the various questions or points you discovered as a result of your research. Brainstorm new content ideas to solve the problems or answer the queries you’ve listed. Create content centered around the ideas speaking to you the loudest.

Use traditional marketing campaigns alongside your online marketing strategies.

The data you’ve collected about the needs of your audience can help you find unique ways to build brand awareness online and in person. Ask your customers to share information about your products and services on their social media channels. Create unique hashtags for your brand. Select a group of returning customers to review your new line of products. Offer to send these customers a sample of your new products. Provide a list of your social accounts, so reviewers can mention your organization in their online reviews. When members of your sales team offer to represent your organization at local trade shows, meet with them and develop a strategy for generating new ideas for your marketing business solutions. Using one marketing campaign to generate ideas for another gives each marketing platform a fresh new look.

Build a team of experts to help you brainstorm new ideas.

Contact a representative from each department in your organization. Ask them to meet with you to brainstorm new content ideas as a team. Send them a bit of background information before you meet so they have a general idea of the types of content you wish to create. You and your team members can then analyze the list of customer queries and collaborate on a variety of solutions. Start by creating a list of “what if'' questions and build a list of follow up questions related to the what ifs. Ask your brainstorming team to create answers to these questions to generate ideas for web content, blog posts etc. These ideas can then be compiled into pieces for future publication.

Evaluate your analytics.

Before you can create new content, you need to evaluate your content’s performance. Evaluate your online analytics. Your Google analytics will show you which pieces of content have the highest page views. This data is based on how much time is spent on each page, which titles got the most clicks and your site’s bounce rate. Your social media analytics will give you an idea of which posts had the highest click-through rate, versus the posts that performed the lowest. This information shows which types of content your followers want as well as which marketing business solutions work.

Outlook Business Solutions can help you generate new content ideas for your business website. Contact us for more information about our marketing business solutions!