Using Instagram Insights To Improve Your Marketing

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Using Instagram Insights To Improve Your Marketing

Instagram has undergone several changes in the past few years and it has become a business mogul. There are over 25 million business profiles on Instagram that generated $20 billion in ad revenue in 2019. More than two million businesses advertise monthly on Instagram. It’s estimated that 75.3 percent of all businesses will be on Instagram by the end of 2020. If your business isn’t already on Instagram, you should consider setting up a business profile to reach your customers, because a lot of them are already on Instagram and use it daily. 

Algorithm improvements have changed the way content is received and interacted with. Instagram has also added insights, which allows business users to view analytics. This information tells you how your content is performing. It will help you better understand your customer, when the best time is to post and if you should consider  different content. We’ll give you some marketing tips, help you get started using Instagram and show you what you need to know to improve your marketing strategy.

The first step is to create your Instagram Business account. You will not be able to access insights with a personal account. It isn’t required, but it is recommended that you also have a Facebook Business page to get the most out of Instagram insights. You can convert your Instagram personal account to a business account.

To access insights, you will have to make sure your profile is set to public. Navigate to your profile and click on the Insights action button. This will take you to your overall insights. You will be able to get information about people engaging with your profile and how many followers you gained or lost in the past week. If you’re more visual or would like a step-by-step tutorial, visit How to Use Instagram Insights in 2020 on YouTube.

There are many more specific insights that you can also explore. If you’ve used Facebook Analytics then you know some of the insights you’ll be able to get with Instagram. Some marketing tips include when delving into insights, you will run across several different terms and graphs that represent important metrics. There are three tabs that contain different types of information.


You will find two types of insights under activity. Interactions will give you:

  • the number of users that have visited your profile
  • the number of visitors that have clicked through to your website
  • the number of times users have tapped on your Email
  • the number of times users have tapped on Call

You will be able to see which day of the week has the most interactions and also a comparison to the previous week. Please note that insights are limited to the past seven days. 

Discoverability is also under activity. This will tell you the overall performance and influence of your posts by measuring reach and impressions. 


You will find information about individual posts under the content tab. This includes photos, videos, stories and paid promotions. The content tab is split into three categories of insights:

Feed will give you information on your posts from the past two years. You will be able to sort and filter by the different measurements. You can also get more in-depth analytics by clicking on each post and viewing insights.

The stories section lets you view insights from your stories. These metrics will show you how users view and interact with your stories.  There are a lot of insights in this section that can help you strategize your future stories, make them more understandable and relatable and draw your customers in to interact with your story.

The Promotions section gives you insights into any promotions or paid ads you’ve published on Instagram. You will be able to view profile visits, impressions, reach, engagement, gender, age and location of your audience.


This tab will help you get a better feel about your followers and where they live. You’ll also be able to compare your audience versus the prior week. The four pieces of information you will learn under the Audience tab are gender, age range, top locations and followers.

From this section, you will be able to find out a lot of information about your followers, which can help you revise and refine your marketing strategy for Instagram.

It’s amazing all of the data that is out there to help you better understand your customer and how to interact with them. If you’d like assistance with building your Instagram or Social Media Strategy, we’d love to help you. Outlook Business Solutions offers an array of marketing tips and services from social media strategy planning to copywriting and public relations. We’re here to help you grow your business and inspire your customers.