Why you should consider video marketing

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Why you should consider video marketing

Video is an easy-to-use format that gives our eyes a rest from all the text we read in a day. Did you know that almost five billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day and 73 percent of adults use YouTube? Video marketing is a powerful tool in any marketing toolkit.

Consumers like videos more because it’s easy to digest, accessible, entertaining, engaging and easy to share. It gives the consumer a real-life picture of what is going on or how to use a product. Videos are accessible to anyone who has internet access. Marketers like videos because it can give a high return on investment, and it can even be created on your smartphone.

Types of Video

There are many different types of videos and before you begin to create your video you need to know the purpose of your video. Are you trying to show someone how to use your product or are you going to interview an influencer? Takes these video marketing tips to choose the correct type of video. 

Demo videos are used to showcase the key information or features about your product. Explainers can help educate people about your product. Interviews can be used to start a conversation or speak with an influencer. Virtual videos can give someone a tour of a place they may want to buy or rent. In addition to these videos there are also brand, event, expert, education, how to, animated, case studies, testimonials and live videos.

How to Make a Video

  1. Before putting anyone or anything on camera, you first need to build a plan. This will make production and editing run more smoothly. What are your goals and mission for the video? Once these are established, create a script or storyboard that explains what you will show or say in your video and the major points you want to get across to your audience.

  2. Now that you have your plan, it’s time to showcase who you are in a way that is both relatable and memorable. You’ll want to stand out from your competitors. Find the best person to speak on camera. Who is charismatic and comfortable in front of the camera? Be sure to record several takes to get your best possible video.  

  3. One of the next video marketing tips is to clearly explain your product or service. Look at your product like you know nothing about it and begin from there. Start with how your product or service helps solve a problem the viewer may have. If the viewer can identify with the problem, they’ll be much more inclined to watch the video and learn more.  

  4. Tell a story that engages the customer. It should be entertaining as well as informational. Keep the message simple. You will need to have a call-to-action at the end of every video you make so the viewer has the opportunity to become your customer. 

  5. The best way to guarantee someone will watch your video is to give it a catchy title. Use hashtags in your title to help people find you with keywords. Find an engaging image to use as the thumbnail for the video. This is all the viewer sees before deciding if they want to view it.

  6. Be sure to post your video to different platforms. Don’t limit yourself to only one platform, or you will be missing out on potential viewers. YouTube and Facebook are both great places to post your video content.

Now you know why and how you should incorporate video into your marketing plan. If you’d like help developing your video content or more video marketing tips, we’re here to help. At Outlook Business Solutions, our professionals can help develop plans and content for your video marketing. Contact us to learn more about our marketing services.