Your Social Media Marketing Calendar

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Your Social Media Marketing Calendar

Social Media content calendars have become an important tool in any marketer’s toolbox. With so much news, ideas and potential content, it can become daunting to think of managing the day-to-day content on several different social media platforms.

You know your customers will enjoy live tweets from events and it’s always important to post reactive posts to significant news that is affecting your business or the world in general. But a well thought out plan will help you stay focused on the big picture and the content that your customers will want to see.

Here are four reasons why you should consider using a social media calendar:


Social media takes planning and time every single day. You can’t just post on a whim or you’ll end up posting irrelevant information that may confuse your audience or customer. By planning social media posts, or hiring copywriting services you can collect all of your creative ideas.You will also avoid multitasking, which can take your concentration off other tasks that need your attention.

Many sites can help you manage your social media calendar. Some sites that we find helpful are Hootsuite, ContentCal and Sprout Social. Even Microsoft Office has templates to help you build a social media calendar.  Hootsuite will allow you to manage all of your social media sites from one dashboard. You can reply with a single click, track performance and grow your audience.

Consistent posts

Experts will always tell you the most important thing in social media is to post consistently to grow subscribers, likes or key performance indicators (KPIs). Consistently showing up in your audience’s feed allows you to connect with them socially. It can also help you gain organic growth if the platform’s algorithm picks you up, which will translate to more views on your posts and more potential customers following you. Populating your social media calendar with posts will help you post consistently even if it happens to be a slow news week. You can make sure to have consistent posts by hiring copywriting services. There is nothing that says you can’t add additional posts if an opportunity presents itself.

Reduce mistakes and improve content

You can avoid costly mistakes by planning your social media posts. Planning with copywriting services will give you the time you need to edit and proof your posts before they’re out there for everyone to see. You’ll be able to catch misspellings, fact check information or run the posts by senior management for final approval if necessary. Some social media calendars even come with team member approval built into the calendar. You can also create better, more relevant content if you allocate your time and resources to social media.

These checks and balances could save you from some minor level embarrassment all the way through a full-blown social media crisis or potential legal matter.

Relevant dates or events

Does your business have a product or service that is important during the back-to-school season? Is your city primed for a major sporting event? Is a big movie premier happening? When you plan, you can add these important events, dates and holidays to your calendar and tie them to your business in a meaningful way.  

The events or dates don’t even have to be a part of your business. By posting about these things, you can show the cultural relevance of your business and connect with your audience on a friendlier level.

When you create a social media calendar, your posts are more likely to get completed. You should also start to measure the effectiveness of your posts. Analytics can help you determine the best content, post frequency, format and time of day to post on your platforms. 

We understand that creating a social media calendar can be a lot to think about when you’re trying to run all the other aspects of your business. That is why we’re here to help! If you’d like help creating a social media calendar and managing your posts, contact Outlook Business Solutions. We are here to help you plan and manage your social media.