FAQs for Contact Center Services

What makes Outlook Business Solutions's contact center qualified to handle business development and customer care campaigns for my company? +

Please share with me the experience of your contact center staff. +

What makes your customer care associates different than other third-party service provider representatives? +

How is Outlook Business Solutions' contact center different from other business process outsourcing providers? +

How flexible is Outlook Business Solutions in designing a contact center campaign to meet my immediate and long-term needs? +

What types of services does Outlook Business Solutions's contact center provide? +

How quickly can you get a campaign up and running? +

When do you make the calls? +

What are your hours of operation? +

Who writes and supplies a call script for my campaign? +

How often will you attempt to contact my customers? +

What kind of reports will I receive? +

How do you price your services? +

How are customer care associates selected and trained for our program? +

Where are customer care associates located? +

FAQs for Marketing Services

Why use marketing services provided by Outlook Business Solutions? +

What type of services does Outlook Business Solutions offer? +

Does Outlook Business Solutions provide only one-time project support, or can I use the team on an ongoing basis? +

Who manages independent contractors? +

How does payment work for projects? +

How do Outlook Business Solutions professionals work with internal staff? +

How does Outlook Business Solutions ensure brand consistency across multiple projects and professionals? +

Who are the freelance professionals Outlook Business Solutions hires? +