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Local Business Talk with Joseph Sova
Breaking Down Barriers in the Workforce: Natalie Hadley VP Of Outlook Business Solutions

“Natalie Hadley of Outlook Business Solutions joins us to chat about the quality work Outlook employees produce, the challenges they face being visually impaired, and what the future holds for their small business.”

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Beyond Blindness | Resilience For Ocular Disease
How to become Independent with Visual Impairment.

“Not being able to get a job when you face a visual disability can be something to be afraid but today I had the opportunity to speak with Natalie Hadley, vice president of Outlook Business Solutions a company that provides job opportunities for the visually and the blind in the marketing area of the company.”

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Midlands Business Journal
Outlook Business Solutions expands opportunities for blind professionals

“Our goal is to provide earning opportunities for knowledge-based professionals who happen to be blind or visually impaired.”